Brazilian Conference Interpreter & Sworn Translator
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This workshop on simultaneous interpreting techniques was first delivered in 2003. The user invests 3 days, 8 hours per day, totaling a 24-hour exposure on the specific techniques developed by Prof. Ayrton Farias and many other interesting discussions on the interpreting activity, in addition to plenty of practical exercises, no matter what your language combinations are.

In addition to the in-class exercises, prescribed off-class exercises can also be done at any time, WITHOUT the need of the instructor's presence. This is why it was possible to offer this compact and intensive training in a period of only 3 days. This workshop is usually delivered during weekends, in order to offer an opportunity to those who work all days of the week, to whom it would be impossible to be absent of work for these three full days.
First group of students in 2003.